November 2, 2013

Q&As with Keith Williams, Jordan Sullen

I talked to wide receivers coach Keith Williams and cornerback Jordan Sullen this week. Here's what they said:

Ryan Grant has a catch in 28 straight games that he has played. Talk about his consistency:

"He's a consistent person. His daily routine is very consistent, so it makes sense for him to have that kind of streak because his approach is very consistent. Every time he gets on the practice field his effort is consistent, so that doesn't surprise me."

Justyn Shackleford made a spectacular catch for a touchdown against Tulsa. Talk about his development.

"Shack has been playing well. We expected him to take this turn for the better. He was headed in this direction last year before he got hurt (hamstring), so this kind of makes sense."

Xavier Rush's numbers have been lower than most people would have expected in his junior year. Obviously the quarterback situation with Nick Montana playing through an injury and Devin Powell learning on the job has been a part of that, but what has been the issue?

"It's nothing to do with him (Rush). We've been running the ball a little more. We've had some success running the ball. It's just that old thing where the flow of the game is what it is. It hasn't been anything that he's done wrong."

What does Devon Breaux need to do to make a bigger impact?

"He's just still growing. He has some older guys ahead of him that have a little more game experience than he does. He's coming along. He's on schedule in terms of his development."

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