November 27, 2013

Julius Warmsley Q&A

Defensive tackle Julius Warmsley is having an outstanding season, leading Tulane with 14 tackles for loss, five more than any of his teammates. On Tuesday, Warmsley talked with publisher Guerry Smith about how much fun he is having in his senior season after three years of losing:

"You guys are ranked 16th nationally against the run this year after not being able to stop Rice at all last year. Is it just night and day when you look at comparing the two years?

"We'll have a little swagger to us, and we've had a little swagger to us for the most part throughout the year. Staying focused is the big thing for us. We need to stay focused, come out and stop them the first few rounds and kind of knock out their confidence. We have to chip away at their confidence, and that's the first thing we really need to focus on. It does show the huge difference and the change in the mindset, the coaching staff, just the ability for us to understand what's really going on, reading keys. Like you said, it's night and day. There's no better way to describe it. It's night and day."

Rice opened as a 13-point favorite. Is it fun week after week to prove you are a better team than the spread indicates?

"I like that question. I love it. I love being the underdog. It's like, oh, you can't do it. Let's see if we can do this. It's annoying to have people underestimate you all the time, but I thrive on it and I think we thrive on it. We've been there for a while, so now we're just, all right, cool, just roll with the punches. It doesn't matter what everybody else says. It's about what we do, and that's goes along with the mindset change of the football team, just understanding that it doesn't matter what anybody else says. There are going to be bandwagon people. There are going to be this or that, so we just have to focus on what we do."

Can Thanksgiving be a distraction during a big week? In the past the game you played after Thanksgiving wasn't meaningful.

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