December 12, 2013

Q&A with Tulane DB Jordan Sullen

Jordan Sullen's Tulane career appeared to be over when he dropped out of school in the spring of 2011, but he worked his way back into good graces, returned to the team this season and started all 12 regular-season games. After one of the practices in preparation for the New Orleans Bowl, he talked about how special it was to be part of Tulane's turnaround season:

What has been the best part of this season for you?

"It's really just the fact that we've been able to overcome all of the obstacles that have been placed in our way. Even if you think way back to 2009, coming in with that coaching staff and trying to learn the things that they were teaching, even me being a wide receiver coming straight out of high school and then being told that I could possibly be a good defensive back and kind of having second guesses about it, then trying it out and actually gaining a passion for it. The fact that I've been through all of those things and I've been able to look back at it and just really see how blessed I am and how blessed the senior class is, even when you look at the bowl games, there's only like 30-something bowls, it's crazy to think we have the opportunity to play in one now just looking back on all those losing seasons we've had."

You had to drop out of school last year, and it was a tough time for you, but it also allowed you to play for a winning team when you returned. What are your thoughts on that?

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